Student Guide to Self-Service


Self-Service is the registration program used by Clarkson College.  It is directly linked to the program used by the Registrar’s Office.  Changes made by that office are instantly viewable on Self-Service.  Students will receive their login and password information to access Self-Service prior to registration.  Students may register, view grades, track degree requirements through the academic plan, access an unofficial transcript and more.

IMPORTANT:  When you close Self-Service you must choose “Close Browser” at the end of the session.  Otherwise the next user will be able to log in to your account.

Logging into Self-Service

Self-Service is accessible through the Clarkson College Webpage for current students, or by visiting: or on the Quick Links drop down at top choose “Self-Service”.

1.     On the left-hand side of the screen enter your Login ID and Password.  Click the “Log in” button to access your account. 


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Changing your password:

After logging in, go to the “My Profile” tab, “Account Information” menu, and click the “password” link on the left side of the screen.  You will then be able to enter a new password.


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If you have forgotten your password:

Click on “Forgot My Password” underneath the log in button on the home page of Self-Service.  You will be prompted to enter your User Name (your student ID). A new password will be emailed to your Clarkson College email account.  If you log in unsuccessfully too many times your account will lock.  You will not receive a message stating this, however you will need to contact the Registrar’s Office to unlock your account.


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Changing your Security Question


1.      You can change your security question under My Profile > Security Question.

2.      Enter your password and pick a new security question and answer.

3.      Save


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Searching for courses/sections


1.      Click on the “Search” tab.

2.      Choose “Section Search” from the available menu items. 

3.      Search for a section using:

a.      Keyword (i.e. “nursing”), or

b.      Course Code (i.e. HC 102 – you must put a space between the prefix and number)

c.      Select Period, Session (Regular Session), and Registration Type (Traditional)

4.      After clicking search, the icons  to the left of the course title indicate if a course is open or closed. On the right side you will see "available seats". This indicates how many seats are available for the course.

5.      You may also search for courses using the “Advanced Search” tab.  Using this option you may search for waitlisted courses, instructor, meeting day/time, etc.


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Registering for Courses


1.      Click on the “Register” tab.

2.      Choose “Traditional Courses” from the available menu items. 

3.      Select period/term for which to register.   You must meet with your advisor and be authorized to register prior to registration.  Once you are authorized your status will say “OK to register”.

4.      Search for courses by clicking on “Section Search” along left hand side.

a.      Enter course # in “course code” (i.e. EN 101)

b.      Courses will show with either a  to designate the availability

c.      To add to your schedule, click “Add” on right hand side

                                                    i.     If a course is full, you may add yourself to the waitlist.  Click “wait” and proceed to registration.


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d.      Once you add a course a dialog box will appear asking you to “View Cart or Proceed to Registration”.  You may choose either option or hide box and go “Back to Registration”.


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e.      Continue adding all courses to schedule via same process

f.       After adding last course, “Proceed to Registration”. 

g.      Review Schedule, if correct click “Next”

h.      Finalize schedule, if correct click “Next”

i.       Click “Finish” to save schedule.  Items in your cart will not be processed until you complete this process.

j.       Print a copy of your schedule for your records.  You may click on “Student Schedule” along left hand side to view schedule.


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View Course Schedule


1.      Click on “Classes” tab.

2.      Choose “Schedule” from the available menu items.

3.      Select “Student Schedule” from the option on the left.

4.      Enter “period” for term requested.

5.      To print a copy of your schedule, under “options” on left side Text will default 

a.      Text will list courses, choose to include “courses in cart and/or waitlisted courses”

b.      Grid will show courses schedule for the week, choose to include “courses in cart and/or waitlisted courses”


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Viewing Grades


1.      Click on the “Grades” tab.

2.      Choose “Grade Report” from the available menu items.

3.      Select “period” for term requested.


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Unofficial Transcript


1.      Click on the “grades” tab.

2.      Choose “Unofficial transcript” from the available menu items.

3.      If you wish to print your unofficial transcript, click "Print Transcripts" under "Options" on the left hand side.


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Stop List:


1.      If your account is on a "Stop" you will be unable to register, view your acadmeic plan, grades, or access your unoffical transcript in Self-Service You will need to contact the appropriate department for your"stop" and have it cleared before you'll have access to registration, grades, or view your unofficial transcript.


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Phone number add/edit:


1.      Under "My Profile" click "Phone Numbers".

2.      Click "Add a Phone Number" if you are adding an additional contact number. Note: Only the "Primary" number can be seen by instructors.

3.      Click "Edit" on the right side if you need to update your current phone number.


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To access your Student Account Billing Statement:


1.     Click on Finances Tab

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2.     Click Balance on the left had side


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3.     Select term from the period drop down (Fall/Spring/Summer)

4.     Choose Detail by Charges/Credits

5.     Click Change


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Making a Payment


1.        To make a payment, follow steps 1-5 above.

2.        If you have a pop-up blocker on, select "always allow pop-ups from this website" then click "retry".

3.        Scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter the amount you would like to pay

4.        Click "Make a Payment"

5.        DO NOT use dollar signs ($) or commas (,) when entering the amount of the payment. Only use decimal (.) for cents. EX: 1002.15

6.        Follow prompts for entering credit card information

7.        If transaction is successfully completed you will receive a message stating transaction was approved.


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                                                                                                                                                      Last updated 4-5-16